Dear Guests and Friends:

Our mission here at Hawx Burger Bar is to offer our customers high quality gourmet burgers with the highest caliber of the freshest ingredients with consistent quality, value, and commitment to you, our customers. 

We take great pride in our restaurant being family owned and operated. My mother, Thelma, and brother, Omar, have been a pillar of support in helping me build this restaurant after creating and developing at our home the many different types of gourmet burgers we offer today. We thought, "We need to have others experience this unique, flavorful taste." And so it began.

In the same way my family and I have experienced and enjoyed a journey of handcrafting authentic, mouthwatering burgers, my family, staff and I invite you to join us for an experience of superior flavor and taste combined with the freshest, never-frozen ingredients available. 

We aim to not simply please our guests, but to also make them happy that when they leave, they say to themselves, "I can't wait to come back."

Be Happy and eat well!

Christian Hawx